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LED Video Walls

Whether you run a retail store or need a large display in your entrance area, conference rooms or auditorium, LED video walls will be one of your best digital display options.

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We are proud to share our expertise in digital signage, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, and advise you on a wide range of video wall solutions that will suit you perfectly.

Our high-resolution digital screens will make a world of difference to your business and, perhaps more importantly, help you to stand out from your competitors.

Key Features

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LED Video Walls

In an LED Display, each LED (light emitting diode) can represent a single pixel of resolution in your content. Each LED is made up of Red, Green and Blue diodes, which, when controlled, allow for billions of different colour combinations that more closely resemble real-life colours. Also, because LEDs convert power directly into visible light, LED video walls are bright enough to display clear pictures and videos even in direct sunlight.

Although LED walls may look like one large seamless screen, they are actually made by combining smaller individual LED cabinets or panels together; the difference between these and an LCD panel is that they can be joined together seamlessly, therefore creating the appearance of one large display.

LED Pixel Pitch

When manufacturing an LED display, the distance between each individual LED is measured in millimetres and is known as the pitch figure.

LED Brightness:

Another key feature of LED video walls is their brightness; because they create such incredible brightness levels, they are perfect for outdoor and indoor usage. So that’s the technical side of it, but we will now let you know how LED screens can help your business.

Pixel Pitch and resolution

A screen with a 2.5mm pixel pitch means that each LED is 2.5mm apart. The pitch figure is significant because it has an impact on image quality, the minimum viewing distance and cost. For example, if each LED represents one pixel of resolution, and you use more LEDs and pack them closer together in the same size panel, then you will improve the overall resolution of that panel, which improves your image quality and reduces your minimum viewing distance, but it will cost more because you are using more LEDs. 

Pixel Pitch and viewing distances:

For example, if an LED screen has a 2.5mm pitch, the minimum viewing distance will be approx. 2.5 Metres away. If you stand any closer, the image will appear blurry, but the further you move away, the clearer it will all appear, which is why large LED screens used in concerts and sports stadiums can be seen clearly from a distance


We should all be concerned about our environmental and carbon footprint impact.

LED video walls are now more efficient than LCD video walls and last twice as long, which means fewer components are used over the lifetime of the display area. Also, compared to traditional print displays, they can be much more viable. Think of it as compared to conventional poster printing, which uses a lot of paper, which means cutting down many trees, using a lot of ink, and then manually driving around to update your posters every time something changes. It simply needs to be more sustainable for big companies and businesses to advertise with traditional posters on billboards or in shop windows.

The best way to keep that carbon footprint at its lowest is to advertise digitally, and LED walls are a great way to do so.

LED Video Walls: What Can They Do?

Below, we will discuss what different uses LED video wall displays can have and other key features such as their energy efficiency and more.

Picture and video content

Content is one of the most crucial parts of an LED wall project & as well as providing all the necessary hardware, we can help you to create new digital content & also offer a fully managed service whereby we will look after everything for you.

LED Walls: Uses

Because of their ability to create huge displays, there are several uses for LED walls indoors and outdoors; these range from being used in places such as airports, train stations, sports stadiums, concert halls, places of worship, auditoriums and large entrance areas all the way through to smaller display areas such as shop windows, feature walls or displays behind cash desk areas and screens in boardrooms.

LED video walls are also great for outdoor usage, so if you want to advertise your business on a billboard sign near a motorway or in a bustling city centre and ensure that it still stands out, then LED is the way to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of FAQs below, which will assist with any queries that you might have about LED Video Walls.

Can I Choose What Content to Display?

Yes, you can – and you can control it through a content management system. This combination of a media player and scheduling software will allow you to build picture and video playlists and change your content remotely. 

Will an LED Wall Withstand Bad Weather?

Outdoor LED Display walls are designed with adverse weather in mind and can withstand extreme temperature differences, from freezing cold in winter to baking hot in summer, with all the dust, rain and snow you can throw at it in between!

They are designed to be completely weatherproof and can be seen even in poor weather conditions or direct sunlight because of their high brightness.

Can I Customise the Size of My LED Video Wall?

Yes, of course you can! Depending on the size, location, and use case that you require, we can work out the perfect size for you.

What Advantages Are There To An LED Wall?

Just for starters, LED video walls have excellent energy efficiency and high brightness levels and can be specified for outdoor use.

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Your piccontent is perhaps the most important part of a video wall project, and as well as providing all the necessary hardware we can help you to create new digital content & also offer a fully managed service whereby we will look after everything for you. Please get in touch to find our more

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