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  • Efficiently organise picture & video files
  • Easily update screen content
  • Integrate with live TV channels
  • Engage with Interactive Content
  • Reliable playback 24/7
  • Suitable for any type of Display Screen
  • Professional graphic design & installation services

‘Content’ refers to the actual pictures, videos & animations etc. that are shown on your display screens. The equipment that manages what content is shown on your screens is called a ‘Content Management System’, also known as a ‘CMS’.

The content itself and the type of Content Management System that is used are the most important parts of any digital signage system.

‘Content’ refers to the actual pictures, videos & animations etc. that are shown on your display screens. The equipment that manages what content is shown on your screens is called a ‘Content Management System’, also known as a ‘CMS’.

The content itself and the type of Content Management System that is used are the most important parts of any digital signage system.

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The CMS will typically comprise of both software and hardware. The software element will allow you to digitally arrange all of your content, usually via an online service, where you can create templates for arranging content in different screen layouts, build picture and video playlists and set your playback schedule so you know what content is going to be playing on screen and when.

The hardware part of the CMS will usually be a media player that will store your content in the same location as your screens. Media players are most often networked so they can communicate with the online software part of the CMS in order to download content updates. The Media player then sends the actual audio and video signals to the display screens in your stores.

Media players vary in size and performance; some are built into display screens, others will be positioned directly behind the screen, while some bigger ones will be installed in an equipment rack within the building, which in turn will require additional video distribution equipment in order to send the video signal from the equipment rack to each individual screen.

The number of screens, size of screens and the requirements in terms of overall display resolution, on screen content and your preferences when it comes to how you prefer to update that content are all deciding factors when it comes to specifying the correct software and hardware for your CMS.

We work with the leading digital signage software & hardware providers to ensure that we can deliver a complete digital signage system that is tailored to your needs so that you can achieve your communication goals & drive sales wherever your customers are.  Please contact us now to see how we can help your business.


Scala is a CMS software provider that has provided award winning digital signage systems for over 30 years, operating in over 100 countries & managing over 500,000 screens. Their combination of the Scala ‘Designer’, ‘Content Manager’ & ‘Player’ software offers a customisable user experience that allows us to safely create and manage content across different devices and operate on various hardware platforms such as Samsung, Android and Windows PCs. Whether we need to manage content with audio, pictures, videos, live data, multiple playback zones or high end graphics, with Scala anything is possible!

network diagram eng
Scala Designer

The Scala Designer software allows us to create dynamic content for our most demanding digital signage systems. The Designer software means we can work with a wide variety of audio & video formats without file conversion and can easily combine text, graphics, sound & video. With Scala designer we can build customisable templates suited to your specific brand. Designer also allows us to incorporate live video streams, create interactive touchscreen content and work in portrait or landscape orientations across any device.

Scala Content Manager

The Scala Content Manager software allows us to efficiently organise all of your content. From here we can build playlists & create playback schedules for your content across your entire display network, all via a web based interface, which means your content can be updated remotely.

Scala Player

The Scala Player software handles your content onsite at each display location. This powerful system offers many features that are essential for any retail based digital signage system:

  • No blank screens, if your network connection goes down the content will keep playing.
  • Suitable for 24/7 use.
  • Smooth video playback without any judders or choppy transitions etc.
  • Easy on bandwidth, for content updates the player will only download changes, not any existing content.    
  • Update content without interrupting current live playback
  • Integrate with live news & weather feeds etc.  Solid monitoring, can track player health & create logs for advertising billing or reporting.

Brightsign is predominantly a CMS hardware provider known for its bright purple media players that offer SSD (Solid State Drive) reliability without the need for a PC. Established in 2002 Brightsign was founded by Anthony Wood who invented the world’s first Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and is the global market leader in digital signage media players.


Brightsign also provide a CMS software platform, called BrightAuthor, which allows us to manage content, build templates and create playback schedules for any screen in your digital signage network.

Brightsign Network

As standard the Brightsign media players can be updated locally via your internal network or with the addition of a subscription to their cloud based hosting service, called Brightsign Network, content can then be uploaded and managed remotely from any PC via the internet.

Brightsign App

Brightsign also offer the Brightsign app that allows you to update content and manage playlists from any iOS device.


In addition to the BrightAuthor software, the online version also offers access to the BrightPlates which is a template creation service which make it easy to build bespoke screen layouts that integrate pictures, videos, text tickers & news or weather feeds.   Brightsign digital signage systems are reliable, scalable & simple. They offer a range of media players at different price points and performance to cater for various types of digital signage system; from entry level all the way through to state of the art deployments.

  • Designed for constant use 24/7
  • Options for remote management & content updates via iOS app
  • Access to a range of user templates suitable for various vertical markets
  • Remote monitoring tools
  • Supports Full HD, 4K Ultra HD & dual video playback & scheduling options
  • Supports Live TV integration
  • Smooth video playback using the latest video decoding standards (H.265 – HVEC, High Efficiency Video Coding.)
  • Include web based content via HTML5 rendering
  • Suitable for use with touchscreens
  • Options for location specific content scheduling ‘Geofencing’.
  • Flexible Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities
  • Wide range of media players from entry level through to state of the art


Media Players with an Android operating system offer a range of digital signage options, starting from basic ‘plug & play’ for simple updates via a USB stick with continuous playback of any pictures and videos through to networked versions for remote updates, integration of live TV signals and touchscreen options for interactive screens.

Standalone Android Media Players

  • ‘Plug and play’ Media Player
  • Designed for constant use 24/7
  • Remote management options
  • Integrate content with live TV signals & Touchscreens


  • Free Scheduling Software
  • Free Delivery
  • 3 Year Commercial Warranty

Standalone Android Media Players
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Simple ‘Plug & Play’ Content Updates

With an Android media player you can easily update your content by loading your images and videos onto a USB stick, simply plug the USB into the media player, let the media files copy across and then remove the USB stick and the content will just run in a continuous loop. No additional hardware or cables are needed. The Android media player is also compatible with HTML5 which means you can display live websites, URL feeds or your social media profile via 3rd party apps etc. Alternatively you could also use the Android media player to run any existing CMS (Content Management System) software that you may already be using.  

Includes Free Scheduling Software

Supplied with free scheduling software so you can easily build simple picture and video playlists & choose exactly what content is displayed at different times of the day. This software can also be used to set how long each individual image is shown for and control any image transition effects. Upgrade to the networked version to create customised screen layouts & benefit from other additional scheduling features.

Designed for 24/7 use

Unlike domestic equipment, these Android media players are built using commercial grade components and are designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Includes Free Power Timer

Improve your environmental efficiency & reduce costs with the eco-friendly power timer that allows you to assign daily or weekly on and off times to the media player so that it is only in use when it needs to be.

Networked Android Media Players with optional live TV signal overlay

  • Update content remotely
  • Incorporate a live TV channel
  • Suitable for use with existing Touchscreens
  • Build personalised Touchscreen layouts
  • Update content from anywhere

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With the networked Android media player you can remotely update your content via LAN or Wi-Fi using a cloud based content management system (CMS.) (3G versions are also available upon request). For access to the cloud server you will also need to add a 1 year, 3 year or lifetime subscription per media player. The cloud based CMS will allow you to remotely upload pictures and videos, create playlists and then schedule these playlists for any of the Android media players on your digital signage network, all from any PC with an internet connection.

Create Custom Screen Layouts

When using the cloud based CMS you will also be able to create custom screen layouts where you can divide a display screen into different zones, for example; pictures on one side, video on the other side, with a scrolling text ticker below or RSS feed with latest company info, weather or travel etc. You can also easily add your own company logo and colours to create a branded template that suits your specific marketing requirements.  

Show a Live TV feed

Transform your digital signage message by including a live TV signal. Easily build a custom screen layout so a Live TV signal can appear alongside your own promotional pictures, videos and ticker tapes. Simply plug your TV set top box into the Android media player via an HDMI cable & then plug the media player into your screen via another HDMI cable & then control everything via the online CMS. It’s digital signage with Live TV made simple.

Manage Different Users

With the cloud based CMS you are always in control and can set user permissions for different members of staff so perhaps only certain people can update particular screens. With the user log function you can also easily monitor who is doing what and see how effective your current marketing campaign has been.  

Easily Work with Different File Formats

The networked cloud based CMS supports multiple file formats to make life as easy as possible. Not only does the system support standard file types for pictures (JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG), videos (MPEG, AVI, MP4, RM, RMVB, TS) & audio (MP3, WMA) but you can also display ordinary office files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) as well as Adobe PDFs. Websites with HTML5 compatibility can also be shown on screen along with social media & RSS feeds giving you total flexibility over your content.

Create your own Touchscreen layouts

Create your own Touchscreen layouts!

Combine the Networked Android Media Player with an existing touchscreen & then use the Touch Cloud Management System to create your very own touchscreen layouts! Firstly, create your personalised touchscreen layouts with the user friendly software, no experience required. Then build your picture and video playlists & simply schedule the content for each of your touchscreens & let your content do the talking.

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Create Buttons

Create your own buttons to link your different pages together and trigger a host of different on screen actions such as prompting videos to start, launching websites, linking to different pages & playlists or even launching Android apps.

Include Webpages

Easily incorporate websites and webpages into your touchscreen content. Display your company website, your social media feeds, online maps, HTML5 elements and more

Control Videos

Simply set your videos to play automatically or assign a “play” button to have them play on demand. You can even assign multiple buttons to play different videos on the same page, allowing you to create a video gallery.

Create Media Galleries

Create professional & user friendly galleries of your favourite images and video content. Personalise your image carousel by setting how long each image will show for and control the transition effects, such as fading in & out, when it moves onto the next one.

Personalise your Text

Stay true to your brand across all of your touchscreens but inputting custom text values, editing fonts, colours and text sizes.

Add Live Widgets & Content

Keep content looking fresh & live by displaying a local weather forecast widget or perhaps showing the current date and time.

Create Personalised Backgrounds

Personalise your touchscreen content by choosing a background colour or even using an image as a background, then create custom screen layouts that divide the screen up into your own media zones, maybe your corporate videos on one side, with a weather widget or live TV on the other and perhaps a text ticker tape below, then add buttons to guide your touchscreen users all the way through your content.

Use Android Apps

Make use of any Android compatible apps that you may own or want to use by incorporating them into your touchscreen content so they can be launched and controlled at the touch of a button.

Maintain Brand Guidelines

Whatever your design preferences and whatever user journey you are trying to create the touchscreen cloud management system allows you design your entire screen layout and control the touchscreen interface. It’s easy to add your company logo and set colours and fonts to create a branded template for your company that ensures brand consistency throughout your marketing campaigns. Don’t forget that we’re also on hand to help with content, training, building screen layouts & playlists whenever you need us.  

Click here to watch a video on the Touch Cloud Management System

We work with the leading digital signage software & hardware providers to ensure that we can deliver a complete digital signage system that is tailored to your needs so that you can achieve your communication goals & drive sales wherever your customers are.

Please contact us now to see how we can help your business.