• Any video, anywhere!
  • Cost Effective
  • Easily Scalable
  • Efficient Bandwidth
  • High Security
  • Customised to your Industry

Stream Video Securely over your IP Network!

IPTV systems allow you to distribute live TV or pre-recorded TV and existing video files, throughout your business for display on large format screens or an individuals PC screen using your existing IP network.

The latest IPTV systems allow your digital video content to not only be streamed around your organisation over a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) but also over the internet for access from mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and even some Smart TVs, meaning your users can enjoy any video, on any device, from anywhere with an internet connection!

All types of video sources can be encoded and then streamed around your organization using an IPTV based system; Live TV channels from satellite or terrestrial aerial sources, DVDs, video cameras, video files from internal servers, radio and also Video on Demand (VoD) sources.

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Solutions Tailored to Your Industry:

The convergence of IPTV systems with digital signage and custom video on demand & news applications allows us to build a professional communication system that is tailored to your business and will maximise ROI.

Whether it’s hotel rooms, VIP suites for sports events, student halls of residence, trading floors, transport terminals, corporate signage, digital wayfinding in shopping centres or VoD & TV services for hospitals through to oil rigs an IPTV system can meet your communication goals.

Your users can be offered a branded onscreen experience where they can stay connected to news, watch live TV, order movies on demand, check the local weather or even order room service and pay their hotel bill directly on screen!

Powerful IP based video and digital signage solutions exist for your industry so please call us today to see how we can help your business.

IPTV + Digital Signage

With our professional IPTV systems you can combine TV & video content with digital signage templates that incorporate pictures, videos, websites, RSS data feeds & more to create engaging content that is tailored to your specific users and can be shown on any display screen on your network.

Efficient Bandwidth

IPTV system save precious bandwidth and keep costs low by only needing to stream each channel once over your network, regardless of the number of users!

High Security

With an IPTV based system you can create user groups so you are always in control of what content individual users can view. In addition access to content being streamed over the internet can be blocked at the firewall if necessary for improved security and compliance. Built in end to end security measures also offer protection from unwanted copy or distribution to ensure your content is always secure.  

DRM & HDCP Compliant

Any business wanting to access or stream premium video content must adhere to strict anti-piracy & copyright regulations. Broadcasters & other external media providers demand that their video assets are protected throughout the distribution journey to each end users viewing device, which poses a compliance & regulatory challenge for any business. Digital Rights Management (DRM), High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) & the latest HDCPv2 requirements are designed to protect audio & video content from being copied at any time from source to playback and therefore any IPTV system must be compliance with these standards.     By supplying an Exterity based IPTV system for your business we will ensure that you have total piece of mind and complete protection: – Only those with specific rights to view certain content can do so. – Built in Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection ensures that your business meets Broadcaster compliance & copyright laws. – Embedded HDCPv2 technology ensures that any premium HDCP protected video content can be distributed and viewed throughout your IPTV network whilst maintaining protection from illegal copying and distribution.

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